Event: Fireside Chat on Alternative Career Paths

Date: 11/19/2010

November 19, 2010: Fireside Chat on Alternative Career Paths at Gyu-Kaku
On November 19, 2010, Jerrold Seeman, an attorney and public relations expert who is currently President and CEO of Luxcore, Ltd., hosted a chat in Manhattan. A self-professed serial entrepreneur, Jerry was the perfect candidate to expound on the topic of discussion, “An Alternate Road: Non-Traditional Career Paths for Attorneys.” Given the personal nature of the chat, the discussion flowed naturally, beginning with Jerry sharing his background and views on the benefits of maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset regardless of one’s current position. Whether guests were law students looking to start their careers or seasoned associates, Jerry encouraged everyone to examine what they really wanted out of life and to have the courage to engage those dreams. CBLA’s Xiaoyan Zhang and Stephanie Wang organized this chat.